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Get your schedule organized like a boss


Why choose Paper Spice Co.

Paper Spice Co. designs purposefully minimalists printable calendars, planners and organizers to help you get organized without any added design clutter. The clean lines and fun inviting colors will help you mentally calm down while planning your schedule. Because you doesn't need a little calm in the craziness of life?! 

Plan out your day, work week, month or an entire year with our various planners and calendars. Print them all at once or one at a time, it's up to you! No need to commit to an expensive yearly planner that you may or may not use. Just print the months you need and plan away!


I have a love for clean,
classic designs + organization

I have spent years tweaking, fixing and perfecting all that is Paper Spice Design Co. so that everyone can enjoy an organized life with a little spice!

My love for classic sleek and modern designs and a need for organizing my crazy schedule inspired me to create my first and most popular printable, the Daily Schedule & To-Do List. Seeing how many of my friends, co-workers and family members needed just this type of organizer I set out to make more. 



which printbale works best for you?

Overwhelmed with all the planner and organizers out there? No need to worry, Paper Spice Design Co. has several clean, classic and clutter free options for you to choose from. These planners and calendars are clutter free with lots of space to write in or not! I love me some negative space! 

To decide which printable works best for you ask this simple question. "What do I need to plan?" A month's worth of homework? A day's worth of crazy long to-dos? A grocery trip for the week? Or are you planning a wedding and need an entire year to look at? Our Daily Schedules can help with those long days and our Monthly Calendars can help with those more long term planners. Whatever you need it is here!


Daily Schedule & to do list

Do you have a crazy busy day or week ahead with what seems like a million to-do's?! This Daily Schedule & To-Do List will help you rock it without missing a beat! Write down your top 3 must do's, organize your schedule for the day and write down dinner or notes in the Notes box.


Monthly Calendar

Super busy month ahead?! Are you like me where your entire family shares a birthday month?! Calm the crazy a month at a time with this Monthly Calendar. Mark down your important events and never miss a party or meeting again!


Grocery List

If you are like me, going to the grocery store with a toddler in toe can wipe out any mental list I may have had. Planning ahead always helps me to tackle the grocery store faster and keeps me on budget! With this Grocery List plan your meals for the week and get that grocery shopping done! No one likes having to go back to the store because you for got something!